Worst Kickstarter Projects #1: The Breakup Website

Did you ever ask yourself why you should invest time to tell someone you don’t love them anymore?
Do you think all problems can be solved with non-communicating?
Are you an asshole?

Then this Kickstarter Project is made for you!


Breakup without ever looking at your significant other

… over a website
… they’ll receive an email..

That’s what you get if you fund this Kickstarter project! A website for assholes!
I’m not kidding. This is what the project is. You enter your soon to be ex’s E-Mail. Get all your hatred out and write up a nice summary on why you break up with them. Your now ex will receive the E-Mail and can cry all night long.

Backing Options

$5 – You’ve done good
$10 – The creators of the site will send you a hateful message.
$25 – You’ll receive a copy of an e-Book „The art of Pain“. That way you can be the asshole you’ve always wanted to be!
(this is where it gets weird)
$50 – PAY THEM to DO THEIR WORK. Really that’s a fucking great deal. For $50 (you pay them) you can send them a logo you have designed yourself, with your time. It may be chosen. But probably not. Waste the best $50 of your life! /s
$100 – DOUBLE your time and enter TWO logos! If you don’t win you will at least get a fucking $100 ebook.
$250 – The E-Book and for $250 THEY WILL LISTEN TO YOUR IDEAS. Fucking awesome isn’t it??? But only for 3 Months. This must be a new business model!
$500 – E-Book and 6 Months „Access“ for saying your opinion. You’re rich and nobody want’s to listen to you? This is YOUR option.

Here comes the clue. At $500 you can use the website forever at no charge! There’s a fee you ask? Seemingly so!

Risk and Challenges

It starts off with „We’re a team of professionals“. Professionals in what? No screenshots on the site. The Picture is really bad. A „professional“ could have build the site in max. 2 hours. Why would they need the money? ($9000 by the way).


If this isn’t a money laundering operation I’m speechless.

This is a site you will be paying money for to break up.
A simple site you can build yourself with like 5 hours of training in codecademy.com (if you’re an absolute rookie).
And they want money for it.

It’s clearly just about that ebook. This is the worst marketing idea for a book.