Tales from the IT World – Our Future

So I had a class of about 15 apprentices in IT. It was their first year so most of them were still very lucky to be here and lucky to learn new stuff.
And then there was Tim (name changed).

Tim is 15.
Tim didn’t want to be there. He didn’t want to learn. He had zero interest in IT apart from Let’s Play Youtube Channels and Twitter.

The students had two stations to work from. One to document and research and a lab where they had to patch themselves and install their workstations.
The documentation stations are controlled with a classroom software from which I can turn off the internet on the machines and look at the display from the teacher console.

So after a couple of days of Tim not doing anything at all he was likely to fail if he didn’t start now. I’ve told him several times but he’d done nothing.
So I thought of something different:

His Twitter feed was quite funny on the projector on front. His Facebook as well. The whole class thought it was funny but Tim didn’t realize he was being published up front. So I closed because I felt a bit ruthless. (How can he not notice?? – Oh well yes he never ever looked up from his monitor the whole course).
I shut down the internet on his documentation machine.
Tim started to get angry and asked everyone else (they were all in the lab) if they had internet. He got so angry nobody helped him. He sat at another machine that was unlocked and continued surfing.
I shut down his internet there. He went red and angry.
Tim went to the lab. Angry that the internet was out and happy that the internet still worked there.
I let him surf for a while (just so he doesn’t start throwing tables around) and went to the lab.
I looked at him cheerfully while saying „Tim what does happen if I unplug this patch cable?“. He said „I don’t know.“
I unplugged it.
Tim lost access to the network on his lab machine.

Tim continues to get angry and check his machine if anything is wrong.
… He doesn’t get it that I just have unplugged his cable.

They’re all here voluntary and I’m sure there are so many young adults that would like to be there instead of Tim. This is our future. There are more and more students like Tim.

Powershell: Stress your CPU with some Prime Numbers

#get number of cores
$cpu = Get-WmiObject win32_processor | Select-Object Numberoflogicalprocessors
$cores = [convert]::ToInt32($cpu.Numberoflogicalprocessors, 10)

#define functions
function get-prime($i){
     for ($a=3; $a -lt $i; $a++){
        if ($i % $a -eq 0){
            return "no"
#create a task for each core
foreach ($core in 1..$cores){
    start-job -ScriptBlock {
        for ($i=1000000; $i -le 10000000; $i++){
            $prime = get-prime($i)
            if ($prime -ne "no"){
                write-output "$i"
            else {}


Wait-job *
Receive-Job *