Apache Maven Installation on Windows with Eclipse

a little handy guide on how to install Maven with Eclipse on Windows for those who are a bit lost.

This Guide will tell you How to Install Maven, How to get it into Eclipse and how to import a Maven Project.


1. Download Maven from Apache’s homepage: https://maven.apache.org/download.cgi
Take the Binary ZIP Archive download!

2. Extract the folder to whatever location you want.
I suggest you take c:\Program Files where all other programs are stored.
Navigate to the folder until you see „Bin“, „Boot“, „lib“ and the „conf“ folder – Copy the folder path into your Clipboard (CTRL+C).

3. Set up the environment variables
Right Click on your Windows Logo (windows 10) -> System -> „Advanced System Settings“ on the left -> „Environment Variables“ on the bottom.

Under System Variables say „New…“:
Variable Name: M2_HOME
Variable Value: CTRL+V the Path from Step 2
Click OK.

Again, say „New…“:
Variable Name: MAVEN_HOME
Variable Value: CTRL+V the Path from Step 2


Now we have to verify that the Maven Plugin is in Eclipse.

1. Open Eclipse and go to „Help“ -> „Installation Details“

Maven is installed within Eclipse

If you see those two m2e plugins, you can skip to „Import Maven Project“. If you don’t see them follow the next steps on how to install the Maven Plugin.

2. Close the „Installed Software“ and Click again on „Help“ then „Install new Software…“

3. Click on „Add“ and add the following Repository:

Name: m2e
Location: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases

4. Now choose that Repo in „Work with“ and tick the checkbox that shows up.

5. Click Next until you reach the License Agreements – Accept those and click further next until Eclipse starts the installation. Restart Eclipse on prompt.

Import a Maven Project

  1. Go to „File“ -> „Import…“

2. Expand the folder „Maven“ and choose „Existing Maven Project“

3. Choose the Directory you have saved your Project (Git or similar)

4. Hit „Next“ until Eclipse starts working on importing the Project. All dependencies that are needed are installed with this process.