Switzerland: Warning about „werbesperre.ch“ and Geminis Marketing AG / How to stop cold sales calls

If anyone of you (or more likely your parents) runs into a Problem with werbesperre.ch / Geminis Marketing GmbH read this thread:
So my mother recently received a phone call from them promising her to stop all unwanted advertisement / selling phone calls for as simply as 85.- per year!
She said „Yes of course I want that!“…

This is a huge scam. See this article in German on srf.ch.
The verbal contract is not legal.
You can send them a letter here (attention – instant download) where you just have to fill in your address and sign.

Whatever you do – don’t call them. It’s not worth your time. The people are unfriendly and unhelpful and will just make you angry.

Why isnt‘ the contract legal?
The person on the phone won’t be telling you that you can do all they do for free. And they won’t tell you the effective cost that will result in saying yes to their services.
All this is against Art. 24 ff. OR (the obligatory right).

If they bother you or someone you know fill in the SECO complaint form: here

You can fight this contract and no one has to pay!

How to do their services yourself in 5 Minutes for free
1. Update your contact data in the Swisscom Directories (local.ch) https://customercenter.local.ch/update (you can add the „Star Entry“ = No Ads later in the update process.
2. Put your Phone Number into the „Robinson-List“. A List most Callcenters relay on for not calling those numbers. Of course, this doesn’t count for foreigin call centers but it’s a good start. http://sdv-konsumenteninfo.ch/selbstregulierung/robinsonlisten/

After 14 Days both entries are online. If you will then receive any advertisement / cold sales call, report the company here: SECO Form

If we all do this we can slowly, step-by-step, eliminate most cold sales calls.

How to sensitize people?
What I’ve found works best is to ask „How do you think they got your number?“. Soon they realize sales people just gather all numbers from some unknown point – or just generate them. They will realize that this can’t be serious business.