Hands-Off Review: HTC One M9

Hello guys – this is a new section of my blog which will unleash the the worst quality of me. I will make everything bad.
I call it Hands-Off Review. It works like that:
If I see some new gadget or similar, and there’s something about it that REALLY bothers me, I will write a Review on how it’s stupid without even touching the device.

Let’s get started

The HTC One M9


The specs of this device look absolutely awesome. It features a Full HD Display, an OK Battery and a 20MP Camera. All around something that may be useful to use.
And you can add an SD Card for more space.


It has the typical HTC look to it. Metal and round edges. There’s something that is really really bothering me.
Do you see that?
That there is the reason I want to hit the designer of this thing.

Well you may think I’ve gone crazy now but I’ll explain.
There’s quite a lot of space wasted by the speakers:

Then… they wasted a lot of space just to get their HTC logo there:

And then. Instead of doing the ONE LOGICAL THING and put the buttons where the HTC logo is, they used SOFTWARE BUTTONS – which is the android Space Waster No. 1!
So to put that into perspective, all the red space is absolutely wasted and all the green space is what you can use for browsing or using the phone:
Who thinks this is OK?

Dear HTC – You’ve been doing this for ages now, please stop it makes your phones ugly af.

Final words

Although the hardware on that thing is awesome – I couldn’t stand looking at that thing for more than a half day.

side note about Space Wasters: The iPhone 6+ is as big as the Galaxy Note 4. The iPhone is 5.5″ and the Note 5.7″ (and amazingly still faster and better hardware than the 6s+)